It's no secret you see the best results and physical transformation when you combine a custom meal plan + specific and purposeful training.

That's where Gro's 6 Week PT & Nutrition Pack comes in 👏

The following is included with every PT & Nutrition Pack Purchase:

💪x6 Personal Training Sessions

💪Customised meal plan, amended weekly

💪Weekly 20-min check-ins with your Gro Coach

💪10% discount across Gro Nutrition's supplement range - in store and online


Of course! You can select Wayne, Bayden, Issi or Keira as your 10 Week Nutrition + PT Coach.

We want to physically check-in with you every week on your program.

You can choose to have this check-in in our Windsor Health Hub or request to have your check-in via ZOOM.

Check-ins are essential to your program and overall success.

During a check-in we can assess your progress, meal plan, feedback and ensure your program is constantly evolving to meet your needs and goals.

Please choose your program carefully.

Once you have had your Initial Consultation and your first meal plan has been issued and/or PT session has been had - we are unable to issue you a refund.

However, if you become unwell, going away and/or injured - the Gro Team can defer your program for up to 6 months.


Once you have purchased your program - your chosen Gro Coach will be in contact with you the very next business day.

Each coach has a limited number of PT X Nutrition Pack clients she/he can take on - so we suggest getting in ASAP.

The Gro team are outdoor training gurus. They literally bring the gym to your local park (Hawkbesury + Blue Mountain areas) OR if and when required, to your home.

Wayne and Bayds currently train clients at a mint gym in Riverstone and an epic functional gym at North Richmond.

However - pretty exciting news regarding 2022 training locations - TO BE REVEALED SOON!

6 Week Nutrition & PT Pack

6 Week Nutrition & PT Pack

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