4 week nutrition program


Consider Gro Nutrition's 4 Week Nutrition Program as the ideal new lifestyle taster.

If it's been a minute since you followed a nutrition program, if you are still evaluating your fitness goals and want to "see" how you go following a plan AND/OR have an event coming up you want to look and feel your best for - then this program is for you! 


Gro's 4 Week Nutrition Program includes: 

- Nutrition program, updated weekly, personalised to your tastes, goals, body comp and health considerations 

- x4 weekly check-ins (instore or via zoom) with your chose Gro Coach 

- x4 weekly body fat comp assessment/calliper reading 

All new clients can expect a call from their chosen Gro Coach the following business day to discuss next steps.

Do not expect a bunch of automated, unpersonalised emails from us. Your program is completely personalised - so are your coach comms!

Please note ALL programs are non refundable and you must be over 18 years to sign up and or sign up in store with the support of a parent or guardian. 

4 Week Nutrition Program

4 Week Nutrition Program

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Of course! You can select Wayne, Bayden or Issi as your -Week Nutrition Coach.

We want to physically or virtually check-in with you every week on your program.

You can choose to have this check-in in our Windsor store or request to have your check-in via ZOOM.

Check-ins are essential to your program and overall success.

During a check-in we can assess your progress, meal plan, feedback and ensure your program is constantly evolving to meet your needs and goals.

Please choose your program carefully.

Once you have had your Initial Consultation and your first meal plan has been issued - we are unable to issue you a refund.

However, if you become unwell, going away and/or injured - The Gro Team can defer your program for up to 6 months.


1. Book in your FREE consultation to learn more about our Nutrition Programs. In this consultation, you will be issued your GRO NUTRITION WHAT TO EXPECT E-GUIDE.

2. You've decided to purchase your plan today (congrats by the way).

Your chosen Gro Coach will be in contact with you the very next business day.

You will be sent your WHAT TO EXPECT E-GUIDE via email. You will also be asked to book your initial Body Fat Assessment and Goal Consult. Your meal plan will be issued 2 days post this consult. considerations and food preferences.

You will receive your meal plan on January 10.

However, you can opt for an alternative starting date*. Discuss this with your Gro Coach.