Bikini Prep Online with Gro Nutrition and Award-Winning Prep Coach Wayne Marino.

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Catch up with your Coach with via ZOOM. Biweekly between weeks 1 and 14. Weekly between weeks 15 and 22.

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Meal Plans In Your Inbox

Based on your Prep Week, you will be sent a meal plan + supplement protocol via email either fortnightly or weekly.

You will also be able to access your meal plan via The Gro Nutrition App.

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Bi-weekly Training Program Updates

You will also be sent fortnightly updates to your training program.

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Bikini Comp Prep FAQs

Asking how long a prep is, is quite similar to asking how long is a piece of string.

Everyone's journey is different, just as everyone's fitness level and body is different.

Your Online Bikini Comp Prep however is packaged based on a 22 Week Prep.

Your journey to the stage may require more than 22 weeks. If that is the case (while also considering things such as chosen Federation, body composition and overall health), Wayne will suggest you purchase another prep pack OR will set you up your own personalised payment plan and price.

This will be discussed in your first ZOOM consultation with Wayne.

Life happens - evening during prep. If you become sick and or injured during prep, depending on your health concern, Wayne will adjust your plan and timeline accordingly.

It is important to keep Wayne update to date with health concerns which may impact the success of your Bikini Comp Prep.

Once you purchased your Online Prep Program, had your Initial Consultation with Wayne and received your second meal plan, there are no refunds on your prep.

If you have concerns around timeline and or other commitments - contact

We do have other payment plans you may wish to consider.

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Online Bikini Comp Prep with Wayne Marino

Online Bikini Comp Prep with Wayne Marino

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