Weekly Nutrition Check In(s) with your Gro Coach

Just like our 12 Week Nutrition Program, Gro For Life sets you up with your Gro Coach weekly for Check-Ins. Unlike our 12 Week Nutrition Program, your Program doesn't have a Final Check In. You're able to work with your Gro Coach all year long to plan for events, smash new goals and stay motivated.

Weekly Nutrition Program Updates

Each week, your Nutrition Program will be updated to ensure your hitting your calories, staying on track and seeing epic results.

*NEW* Train at The Gro Ground

Train at The Gro Ground - Gro Nutrition's very own Personal Training Studio and Prep Playground. Consider The Gro Ground as a competitors haven, with specialised equiment, lighting and a runway for posing practice.


Gro for Life will be offered to long-term clients first, followed by clients and continued customers.

Gro For Life Memberships are EXCLUSIVE to Gro Clients (including Prep Clients).

No walk in memberships.

Book an In-person consult with your preferred Gro Coach.

Together we will assess your goals and determine if Gro For Life is for you.

Gro For Life will cost $73 a week.

INITAL 3-month contract.

No cancellation fees after this period.
Includes weekly Nutrition Plan updates and weekly Check-In(s) with your Gro Coach.


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